• We are Conveniently located, just 500′ from the boat dock.
  • Family owned and operated by The Whitaker Family since 1981.
  • Reservations ARE NOT needed just show up and we’ll get you a golf cart.
  • We have toddler and infant seats available, limit 2 per car.
  • Military discounts Always Apply, We support our troops.
  • Drivers need to at least 21 yrs old with a valid driver license.
  • We charge $45 for the first hour, with a $45 deposit (that is $90 cash)
  • We open at 8:30 AM Daily and our closing times vary with the seasons.
    Getting all carts returned to the lot 1 hr. prior to dusk determines closing time.

We have a one hour scenic route through the beautiful hills around Avalon and if you want to go longer we will pro-rate the second hour (the time you use is the time you pay for)

We have a preplanned 12 mile scenic route that may be completed in 1 hour without stops